How to Invest

Debt and Equity Investment Options

Debt Investment

With Debt Investment, you will receive council backed fixed interest payments every month and the loan will be returned in    full at the end of the 5 year period.

In summary: 

  • 5% annual interest backed by local government
  • Interest paid monthly
  • Loan returned in full after 60 months
Debt Investment

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Equity Investment

The Equity Investment model will provide you with a percentage of ownership of the property that you invest in. In addition you will receive a fixed return from council backed rental income. 

In summary:

  • Local government backed 3% rental income
  • Shared ownership of property and benefit of capital growth
  • Equity investment returned in full after 60 months
Equity Investment rewards

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Frequently Asked


Depending on which investment type you choose – Debt or Equity – the minimum amount of money you can invest differs.

Debt investment: £5,000                                                     Equity investment: £20,000

We will regularly keep you updated on the locations we are looking to invest in via email through our Newsletter. In said Newsletter, there will also be some example properties that you can invest in.

Depending on the investment option you will receive different returns:

For Equity Investments, you will receive Estimated Capital Growth per month, Rental Income per month, and your initial loan after the 60 month period.

For Debt Investments, you will receive 5% annual interest, as well as your initial loan after the 60 month period.

Due to the fact that we are directly working with Local Councils’ Ethical Lettings Agencies, rental returns are guaranteed with no down period for a 60 month period.

The minimum investment for each option is different (Equity = £20,000; Debt = £5,000). The amount of returns will be different too. With the Equity option you will also hold a percentage ownership of the property, whereas for the Debt option you will not.

As with any investment, there will sometimes be risks involved. However, our model means that the risks are relatively low.

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