Housing investment that builds futures

In the UK, thousands of people lack a safe, affordable place to live – while hundreds of homes sit empty across the country.

At KeyStone, we’re working to redress the balance, one investment at a time. With the help of socially-minded investors and forward-thinking councils, we purchase, renovate and breathe new life into empty houses. We use technology every step of the way to radically speed up the process.

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Providing a home for those in need.

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Cutting council waiting lists.

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And delivering attractive, reliable returns to our investors.

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Creating sustainable homes - and sustainable returns

You can make a difference

Every pound you invest will be used to purchase and renovate an empty property. You’ll receive 60 monthly interest payments and your initial loan back after five years.

Meanwhile, you’ll have housed a vulnerable family, changed the face of a community and improved wellbeing for all. It’s as simple (and rewarding) as that.

You can make a difference

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5 year tenancies for families
5% interest paid to investors
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“I would like my money to make a real difference to young lives. Helping families to secure a long-term home is a great place to start.”

– Dhruv Patel