Meet the people

(and passion) behind KeyStone

At KeyStone, we believe in using our experiences to make a positive impact on society.

We’re a small team, with big ideas. We draw on our diversity to bring a fresh perspective to age-old problems. Continually questioning, disrupting and challenging the status quo to find sustainable solutions for our investors, our council partners and the communities we ultimately support.

Steve Thavam

Founder & CEO

Steve has been investing in residential housing for over 20 years, providing safe and affordable homes to families whose needs are not met in the open market. He has a longstanding commitment to social causes and is passionate about using his expertise to tackle the UK’s housing crisis, while creating genuine growth opportunities for investors.

He’s also an experienced technology consultant, and has worked with CIOs and senior executives to deliver complex digital transformation programmes across a number of large, multinational firms – including Accenture, BP and BAE Systems. Steve holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and French from Imperial College, London.

Keystone - Steve Thavam
Keystone - Carsten Moenning

Carsten Moenning

Technology Advisor

Our tech advisor, Carsten, is equally passionate about social causes and using his skills to transform the lives of others. Carsten has been in the IT consulting, media and service industries working on technology innovation ranging from hands-on platform implementations to new tech evangelisation and senior executive advisory for around 20 years.

He has lectured on software engineering with a keen interest on data-driven and Blockchain-enabled tech. He holds a Ph.D. Computer Science and a M.Phil. Economics degree, both of the University of Cambridge, with a focus on Computer Graphics/Computer Vision and Econometrics.

Neil Warrender


Joining the KeyStone team in 2021, Neil brings extensive experience in banking and compliance sectors. He has run his own business for a number of years, and is responsible for ensuring KeyStone’s full financial and regulatory compliance.

Formerly Director of Compliance and Accounts at RAB Capital plc, Neil was responsible for compliance, management and statutory accounts and for managing new fund launches. In 2006, Neil was chosen by AIMA to be one of 15 experts advising the European Commission on hedge funds and his roles include a spell on a supervision team with the FCA.

Keystone - Neil Warrender
Keystone - Eric Arkadiusz

Eric Arkadiusz

Building and Maintenance

With extensive property development and maintenance experience, Eric works on all our property renovations and ongoing improvements. He has developed an innovative estimating model that enables us to quickly (and accurately) determine the costs involved in renovations to ensure every investment we make is viable.

Eric started his work in this space with estate agencies and on large, domestic projects, going on to support council house tenants with varied property maintenance issues.

Mark Landey


Mark has grown up in the commercial property and hospitality industries where he has performed prominent roles within a family owned business.

Spending the formative years of his career in the Events industry, Mark has a keen eye for operational detail with a track record of managing people and large scale events on strict budgets. One of his first projects was a successful conversion of an IT department into an art gallery in South Africa.

Mark has managed events all around the world from Scotland to the Congo, South Africa and the USA, and has extensive experience of working with people of all backgrounds and cultures.

Mark is responsible for growing KeyStone’s residential portfolio, from identifying prospective properties to managing renovations and nurturing relationships with various councils around the country. Mark is always keen to add a creative touch to solving problems and this has enabled him to make a real impact in tackling some of the long standing challenges that the KeyStone team is seeking to address.

Keystone - Mark Landey
Keystone - Leia Hope Jalali

Leia Hope Jalali

Social Impact and Marketing

Since graduating in 2020 from King’s College London, Leia has led the Social Media and Marketing at KeyStone. From building our presence on multiple Social Media platforms to generating our social media strategy, creating content and analysing the outcomes – Leia does it all!

Leia also manages the Training and Education function of the business, ensuring that KeyStone provides an all encompassing solution to families. This involves coordinating the various forms of support we provide in addition to housing, which includes helping adults back into employment and children with educational needs. 

Leia is a strong believer in the power of partnerships and is committed to building strong relationships with like minded organisations to further our cause.

“KeyStone is beginning to make a huge difference to families, laying the foundations for a better future. With more support, we can accelerate our work and reach more people in desperate need of our help.”

– Steve, KeyStone Founder